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Sue Moore


I am a 3rd generation Wyoming native, born in Cheyenne and calling Laramie home since 1969. Little did I think that stamping and sealing envelopes in my grandmother’s insurance office would lead to a career. When my husband was discharged from the Army, I took a job as an insurance clerk here in Laramie while he finished his degree at UW. I started manually rating and typing policies and now use a computer for most of this work. After working in 3 agencies for over 47 years, I still enjoy the challenge of working with customers and underwriters and strive to be accurate, professional and pleasant dealing with companies and customers alike.
My husband is recently retired and we enjoy spending time with our 2 grown children and 5 grandkids. I love reading, bicycling and walking with my dogs. I support UW athletics, am a Cowboy Joe Club member and season ticket holder for football & girls’ basketball.

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